ไฟ LED เส้น PHILIPS Set indoor ip20 5m Warm White


ในชุดนี้ประกอบไปด้วย 1.ไฟ LED เส้น PHILIPS indoor ip20 5m Warm White 1ม้วน 2.หม้อแปลง เปลือกพลาสติก 12V SWITCHING 30W

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Cove lighting is a form of indirect lighting built into ledges, recesses, or valences in a ceiling or high on the walls of a room. It directs light up towards the ceiling and down adjacent walls. It may be used as primary lighting, or for aesthetic accent, especially to highlight decorative ceilings. Cove lighting is valued because it hides the fixtures, and because it provides a very even, warm light. Cove lighting is an effective form of ambient lighting and suitable for most spaces. Cove lighting does not produce glare as it is an indirect form of lighting. Cove lighting is aesthetically pleasing. It soothes the eye. Cove lighting fixtures come in a variety of colors. Cove lighting accentuates the ceiling and/or wall design. Why LED Tape? Cove lighting is an important application in home decoration to create ambience as well as accentuation. Currently T5 battens are used in this segment but limited by its inflexible nature. Now with LED technology, cove lighting can also be personalised. Thereby opening up new and advanced opportunities of light-scaping, especially around contours. Philips now gives a new bent to cove lighting. Introducing myLiving Linea LED tape, an innovation for customisable home illumination. For false ceilings: In many cases a false ceiling is installed just to provide cove lighting to the space. Cove lighting is installed along the edge or recess. One unmatched benefit of cove lighting is that it illuminates a false ceiling irrespective of its shape It makes the ceiling appear to glow and emit light. For walls and floors: The shallow wall recess housing wall paintings and photographs can be illuminated by cove lighting. Cove lighting is also an effective way to light up floors where the spaces are demarcated by floor level changes. Tech Overview Length: 5m(180 LEDs) Input Voltage: 12V Wattage: 18W Colour Temperature: 3000K Colour Rendering Index (CRI): 75 Beam Angle: 120 degrees Flexible form allows customiz-able lighting shapes and designs UV-Resistant casing Long-life LED (20,000 Hrs) Dimension : L:5000mm W:8mm H:2mm

ประเภท สีเดียว
แรงดันไฟ 12v
วัตต์ต่อเมตร 3.6W ต่อเมตร
รุ่น led 3014
จำนวน led ต่อเมตร 36 leds ต่อเมตร
ความกว้าง 8 mm
ความสูง-หนา 3 mm
ความยาว 5 m
ระยะตัดได้ทุกๆ 5 cm
ระดับกันน้ำ ip20-ip33 ไม่กันน้ำ
สีของแสง ขาววอร์ม Warm White 3000K
แบรนด์ Philips
ความสว่าง สว่างกลางๆ
Lumens ต่อเมตร 360
Lumens ต่อ Led 8-10 lumens ต่อ Led
องศากระจายของแสง 120 องศา
Tape มี
วัสดุ Copper
อายุการใช้งาน 20000 ชั่วโมง
การรับรอง CCC,CE & RoHS ลดการใช้พลังงานได้ดี
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